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Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

Aug 23, 2023

Going Long Podcast SERIES HIGHLIGHT Episode 345: Combining Passion with Process to Become a Groundbreaker in R.E.I.

To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE.

In the conversation with today’s guest, Jake Marmulstein, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:20 - 03:47] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [03:47 - 07:12] Guest introduction and first questions.
  • [07:12 - 12:55] The backstory and decisions made that led Jake to this point in his journey.
  • [12:55 -19:12] What gave Jake the impetus to want to  put himself in a relatively less comfortable situation in order to learn and grow at such a young age, and some examples of character building tricky situations that Jake has overcome!
  • [19:12 - 25:37] The mindset that Jake sees as why people he has worked with have been interested in investing 1000’s of miles away, specifically investing internationally into the United States, when usually most people would look to invest in Real assets closer to home.
  • [25:37 - 38:50] Where Jake’s general curiosity of wanting to find problems and work on solutions comes from, and the major problem that he saw that led to starting his business - Groundbreaker. 


Here’s what Jake shared with us during today’s conversation: 


  • Where in the world Jake is based currently: Chicago, Illinois. (But recording this episode from Rio de Janeiro!).
  • The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Getting back safely from a trip remotely working in the Amazon jungle!
  • Favourite European City: Madrid, Spain.
  • A mistake that Jake would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Develop experience hiring and recruiting people. You’re going to make mistakes hiring people, but it’s something you have to do. You’ll have to interview a lot of candidates and putting in all that work is really hard - but it’s worth it!
  • Book Recommendation: The Cold Start Problem, by Andrew Chen. 

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To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE.


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