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Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

Aug 20, 2020

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Episode 30: The Veteran Living Well In Italy Investing In U.S Assets 


In the conversation with today’s guest Thomas Landenberger, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:47 - 02:52] Thomas’s profile, in Billy Keels' guest introduction. 
  • [02:52 - 07:58] The backstory and decisions that led to Thomas choosing Italy to live, and to invest in Coin Op Laundromats.
  • [07:58 - 11:16] What attracted Thomas to replicating the Italian laundromat business across the pond.
  • [11:16 - 12:22] All about Thomas's business partner, and how they compliment each other. 
  • [12:22 - 15:46] In what way technology is used to keep Thomas and his business partner aligned and moving forward.
  • [15:46 - 19:18] The key differences between the Italian market and the U.S market for a laundromat investment.
  • [19:18 - 22:48] Attracting in the Coin Operated space.
  • [22:48 - 25:00] A comparison between an Italian laundromat business and a U.S one.


Here’s what Thomas shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • Favourite European City: Ios, Greece.
  • He currently lives in Tuscany, Italy
  • Best thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Getting a Covid loan from the government which he plans to use to invest!
  • A mistake Matthew would like you to learn from so you don't have to pay full price for it: Don't get held up on self limiting beliefs or beat yourself up about the way you have chosen to live your life. 
  • Book Recommendation: Homo Deus, by Yuval Harari.


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