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Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

Jun 25, 2020

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Episode 12: How a Big Loss Could Be Your Chance to Start a Better Life

In the conversation with today’s guest, Damion Lupo, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:37 - 04:33] Damion’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction 
  • [04:33 - 08:30] The life journey and backstory to Damion's path to success as an investor.
  • [08:30 - 10:47] The genesis of Damion's current philosophy; how a big loss can lead to regrouping and asking the necessary questions to progress onwards and upwards..
  • [10:47 - 19:25] How to get out of the counterproductive habit of placing blame, and become a more responsible person through self development. 
  • [19:25 - 23:48] Damion explains his "Designing a Decade" program. 
  • [23:48 - 27:00] Ways to deal with very difficult times and situations, and how to focus on that light at the end of the tunnel, embrace reality and move forward. 

Here’s what Damion shared with us during today’s conversation:


  • He lives in Sedona, Arizona.
  • Favourite European City: Venice, Italy.
  • Best thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Appreciating the stillness and peace of where he is.
  • Damion’s biggest mistake that he learned from: Loosing $20M dollars taught Damion the difference between net worth and self worth.
  • Book Recommendation: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki


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