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Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

May 17, 2021

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Going Long Podcast Episode 107: Focus on your Real Estate Niche to Live a Fulfilled Life


In the conversation with today’s guest, Sharon Vornholt, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:32 - 02:49] Sharon’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction.
  • [02:49 - 06:39] The backstory and decisions made that led Sharon to this point in her journey.
  • [06:39 - 09:22] How  being an eldest child of a Father who was a general contractor gave Sharon a head start. 
  • [09:22 - 14:36] What makes Sharon’s market location of Louisville such a solid and stable one to invest in, and some of the numbers and stats of the market there. 
  • [14:36 - 19:50] What Probate is, and how it fits in with the whole Real Estate Investing world. 
  • [19:50 - 26:14] The balance between actually completing the transactions related to probate and having the emotional intelligence to navigate what can be such heavily personal and traumatic scenarios for those directly involved. 
  • [26:14 - 29:14] How this Real Estate Probate process works across the whole of the U.S.
  • [29:14 - 33:31] Sharon explains just what it is she does for herself and others in terms of using her marketing expertise and effective branding.. 
  • [33:31 - 36:25] What Sharon has planned for the next 12 months.

Here’s what Sharon shared with us during today’s conversation:


  • Where in the world Sharon is based currently: Louisville, Kentucky.
  • The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Being on the Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels !!! :-) 
  • Favourite European Country: Portugal.
  • A mistake that Sharon would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Don’t be intimidated, and be confident in your own ability when talking to sellers etc, you don’t always need to bring someone else in just because you feel nervous. 
  • Book Recommendation: Clockwork, by Mike Michalowicz. 

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