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Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

Jul 28, 2021

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Going Long Podcast Episode 129: Achieve Long Distance R.E.I. Success While Balancing Your Work Life


In the conversation with today’s guest, Tiffany Ward, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:34 - 03:23] Tiffany’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction.
  • [03:23 - 09:21] The backstory and decisions made that led Tiffany to this point in her journey. 
  • [09:21 - 12:28] What it was about Tiffany’s early life and surroundings that led her to get into Real Estate at such a young age.
  • [12:28 - 16:59] What it was that made Tiffany want to invest in real assets long distance and out of state rather than sticking to her own backyard. 
  • [16:59 - 20:07] How Tiffany went about building up a network locally and even in other cities and states. 
  • [20:07  - 24:49] How Tiffany was able to make the jump from single family properties to her first 10 door multifamily, and also doing that out of state.
  • [24:49  - 27:11] The kind of financial investment that you may need to make to be a part of certain key communities and networks. 
  • [27:11  - 29:42] Where Tiffany’s passion for wanting to help educate people to financial literacy and generate wealth comes from. 
  • [29:42  - 33:00] What it was that Tiffany learned working in the I.T. industry that helped to be successful in the Real estate investing world. 
  • [33:00  - 35:00] Tiffany tells us all about her venture, Upmost Capital.


Here’s what Tiffany shared with us during today’s conversation:


  • Where in the world Tiffany is based currently: Richmond Virginia.
  • The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Tiffany has been working on getting her son to sleep through the night with some sleep training, and she managed to get an additional 2 hours of sleep herself last night! 
  • Favourite European City: Rome, Italy.
  • A mistake that Tiffany would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Learn your strengths and weaknesses! You don’t have to be strong at everything, so find those who are stronger in areas where you are weaker for your team.
  • Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits, by James Clear.

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